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District Court (former junior high school)

ul. Sądowa 1

This is one of the most interesting buildings erected in the 19th century in Bolesławiec. It was built in 1861–1864 after the design of Oppermann, an architect from Zgorzelec. The huge building with the fourth highest tower in the city (38.6 m) stands out from the surroundings with its neo-Gothic forms. It features one of the most beautiful secular interiors in Bolesławiec – an assembly hall with rich interior design and an interesting iconographic programme. The school was enclosed by a park modelled after English concepts, whose design was commissioned in 1865 to Eduard Petzold, an outstanding garden architect. Here, also a monument to Martin Opitz (not preserved) by Michaelis, a sculptor from Wrocław, was erected in 1877.

The walls of the assembly hall feature busts of outstanding representatives of ancient and German science (including the Polish scientist Copernicus, who was regarded by the Germans as a German scholar in the second half of the 19th century), zodiac signs and representations of the four virtues. Colourful stained glass windows from the Adolph Seiler’s studio in Wrocław were set in the windows. The programme was complemented by depictions of rulers and composers (not preserved). The coffered ceiling was decorated with crests. After the conservation works in 2012–2014, the hall regained its former splendour.

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