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Special prize for "Rocznik Bolesławiecki" in the National Competition for the Best

On 28 September 2019, a conclusion of the second edition of the Anatol Jan Omelaniuk National Competition for the Best Regionalist Book took place in Wrocław. The jury composed of Bożena Konikowska (chairwoman of the National Board of the Polish Movement of Regional Associations), Prof. Stefan Bednarek (chairman of the Lower Silesian Regional Society), Robert Różycki (secretary of the Lower Silesian Regional Society) granted “Rocznik Bolesławiecki” (Bolesławiec Yearbook) with a special prize. The jury assessed the submitted publications in terms of scientific quality, artistic values and editorial design. The prize was handed over to the representatives of the yearbook’s editorial team, Anna Bober-Tubaj (director of the Museum of Ceramics in Bolesławiec) and Grzegorz Matoryn (proart company), as well as the member of the General Board of the Lower Silesian Regional Society Zygmunt Brusiło.

The Anatol J. Omelaniuk Competition is organised by the National Board of the Polish Movement of Regional Associations and the Lower Silesian Regional Society. The competition’s patron was an outstanding Polish regionalist appreciated for spreading the idea of regionalism and inspiring regional associations to act for the benefit of little homelands.

Bolesławiec in the Golden Book of Good Practices for the Social Inclusion of the Elderly

On 11 September 2018, at the Ombudsman’s office in Warsaw, diplomas were presented to the authors of projects awarded in the third edition of the competition entitled Good Practice for the Social Inclusion of the Elderly. Its organiser is the Ombudsman in cooperation with the Expert Committee on the Elderly. The objective is to promote valuable initiatives undertaken for the elderly and with the elderly.

As a form of distinction, the selected good practices are included in the Golden Book, whose patron is the Ombudsman. In 2018, the jury recognised the Bolesławiec project “Senior – history witness”. All activities in the project were organised by the Museum of Ceramics in cooperation with Bolesławiec associations and schools with the support of the Urban Commune of Bolesławiec.

The ceremony was attended by Maria Niemczuk, president of the Circle of the Siberian Deportees Association in Bolesławiec, Władysława Kotlarek, president of the Bolesławiec Circle of the Amazons and Przemysław Kania – graduate of the 2nd General Education High School, author of films. The honourable awards were received by the Mayor of Bolesławiec Piotr Roman and director of the Museum of Ceramics Anna Bober-Tubaj.

SILESIA Lower Silesian Culture Award

On 14 October 2017, the Museum of Ceramics received the SILESIA Lower Silesian Cultural Award in the amount of PLN 100,000. The jury appreciated the work of Bolesławiec museologists in the field of promoting and expanding knowledge about one of the greatest regional cultural assets of Lower Silesia, i.e. the Bolesławiec ceramics. The Museum implemented several projects co-financed from external funds within which it not only modernised its buildings and purchased equipment but also carried out many research, exhibition and promotional activities on a national and international scale. The Museum regularly organises exhibitions in Poland and abroad to present the work of the leading designers of contemporary Bolesławiec ceramics. The implemented projects enabled it to establish cooperation with over 100 museums, archives, libraries, associations and businesses from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Norway, the United States and Australia

Honorary Award of the Mayor of Bolesławiec for promoting the city in 2016 for the “Rocznik Bolesławiecki” editorial board

On 23 March 2017, the editorial team coordinating works on „Rocznik Bolesławiecki” (Bolesławiec Yearbook) received the Honorary Award for the promotion of the city in 2016 from the Mayor of Bolesławiec Piotr Roman. “Rocznik Bolesławiecki” is today one of the most important sources of information on Polish mainly, i.e. the post-war history of Bolesławiec. In 2009-2016, 113 people were involved in the preparation of materials for this publication. The eight volumes of “Rocznik Bolesławiecki” issued in that period had over 1,400 pages in total, containing 228 articles, 49 reviews and 8 comprehensive annual chronicles.

Award of the Pro Archeologia Saxoniae Foundation in Dresden

In 2014, the Museum of Ceramics was honoured by the Pro Archeologia Saxoniae Foundation in Dresden. The award is presented for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of archaeology or highly professional exhibitions of the archaeological monuments from Saxony, Lower Silesia and the Czech Republic. Winners also receive a cash prize. In 2014, it was 2,000 euro.

Museologists from Bolesławiec were awarded together with the Schlesische Museum zu Görlitz for the publication “„U źródeł bolesławieckiej ceramiki. Bolesławiec jako jeden z ośrodków garncarstwa środkowoeuropejskiego od XV do XVII w. / Von den Anfängen der Bunzlauer Keramik. Funde des 15.-17. Jahrhunderts aus einem mitteleuropäischen Zentrum der Töpferei”. The impulse for this scientific project were the remains of one of five modern pottery plants discovery at Piaskowa St in Bolesławiec in 2007. The excavated items were presented at the international exhibition. In addition, a bilingual Polish-German 350-page publication containing a catalogue of Bolesławiec ceramics from the 15th-17th centuries was issued.

On the German side, the Museum’s partners in the project were the Schlesisches Museum zu Goerlitz, Sächsisches Landesamt für Archäologie in Dresden and Kunstgewerbemuseum Schloss Pillnitz. Bolesławiec museologists also managed to engage over 30 other museums, archives and libraries in order to search their archives and explore their collections.

Award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - Sybilla 2013

On 14 May 2014, for the third time in history, the Museum of Ceramics received Sybilla – a distinction in the nationwide Competition for the Museum Event of the Year organised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The distinction was awarded in the “science and research project” category for the “Research on Bolesławiec ceramics” programme carried out in 2010-2013, which significantly expanded knowledge about the local stoneware. The results of work conducted since 2010 in cooperation with 57 museums, archives and libraries in Poland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Austria were published in two Polish-German, over 350-page catalogues and presented in the form of exhibitions: two in Bolesławiec and one in Görlitz.

The award ceremony took place at the Museum of King John III’s Palace at Wilanów. The director of the Museum of Ceramics Anna Bober-Tubaj, together with the employees, Barbara Glinkowska and Tadeusz Orawiec, received the award from the deputy minister of culture and national heritage Professor Małgorzata Omilanowska, director of the National Institute of Museology and Collection Protection Piotr Majewski, PhD and chairman of the jury in the Competition for the Museum Event of the Year “Sybilla 2013” Professor Waldemar Baraniewski.

Honorary Award of the Mayor of Bolesławiec for promoting the city in 2012

The Museum of Ceramics received the Honorary Award of the Mayor of Bolesławiec for promoting the city in 2012. The Museum was recognized for the implementation of many EU projects aimed at promoting ceramics as a traditional craft associated with the city for centuries. In particular, one project was appreciated: “Via Fabrilis – the trail of handicraft traditions” under which a tourist route linking Vrchlabí and Bolesławiec was created. It includes several tourist attractions located in the Polish-Czech borderland. The trail goes from Vrchlabí through Jilemnice, Ponikla, Vysoké n. J. and Paseky n. J. to Harrachov on the Czech side and from Bolesławiec through Lwówek Śląski, Lubomierz, Wleń and Jelenia Góra to Szklarska Poręba on the Polish side. By visiting museum exhibitions and participating in presentations and workshops, visitors can learn about the history of crafts typical of the Karkonosze Mountains, e.g. glassmaking or weaving. The museums involved serve also as specific information centres that direct tourists to factories where they can see the production process of ceramics, Christmas decorations and Christmas cribs. All sites located on the trail were described in the publication “Via Fabrilis – the Trail of Handicraft Traditions” and marked on the map attached. Especially for children, a tourist diary for collecting stamps from the sites on the trail was also issued.

The Minister of Regional Development Award - “Poland Grows Beautiful - 7 Wonders of the European Funds”

The project “Via Fabrilis – the trail of handicraft traditions” carried out by the Museum of Ceramics and the Krkonoše Museum in Vrchlabi was appointed the winner of the competition “Poland Grows Beautiful – 7 Wonders of the European Funds” organised by the Ministry of Regional Development in 2012.

The project won in the “Cross-border tourism” category, defeating two other, very interesting projects: “On the witches’ trail in the Polish-Czech borderland” and “Inauguration of the Cross-border Air Tourism”. The award was received from the Minister of Regional Development Elżbieta Bieńkowska by two Museum’s representatives: director Anna Bober-Tubaj and Tadeusz Orawiec at a ceremony in the „IMKA” Theatre in Warsaw. An additional prize for the museum was a package of promotional instruments that helped disseminate information about the “Via Fabrilis” throughout Poland.

Nysa Euroregion Award 2009

In 2009, the Museum of Ceramics together with three partners: the Krkonoše Museum in Vrchlabi (Czech Republic) as well as the Silesian Museum in Goerlitz and the Sorbian Museum in Bautzen (Germany) received the Neiss-Nisa-Nysa Euroregion Award in the “culture” category.

The award ceremony took place on 17 December 2009 in Bischofswerda. The awarded partners received diplomas and symbolic statuettes. The winners of the competition also received the right to use the title of “Winner of the Neisse-Nisa-Nysa Euroregion Award 2009”. The aim of the competition is to recognise institutions and individuals for outstanding achievements in the field of cross-border cooperation in the German-Czech-Polish borderland, create new stimuli for further cross-border cooperation and popularise instances of effective and exemplary partnership.

The competition was organised under the patronage of the Euroregion Presidium composed of starost Bernd Lange (Germany), hetman Petr Skokan (Czech Republic) and mayor Piotr Roman (Poland).

Award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - Sybilla 2008

On 18 May 2009, the Museum received the first prize in the Competition for the Museum Event of the Year 2008 in the “museum publications” category. The jury of the competition, composed of experts in the field of museology and art history, chaired by Professor Jan Skuratowicz recognised the catalogue of the exhibition “Od rzemiosła do sztuki – bolesławiecka ceramika z wytwórni Reinholda / Bunzlauer Keramik aus dem Hause Reinhold” as the best museum publication in 2008.

The awarded publication is a comprehensive Polish-German catalogue accompanying the temporary exhibition “From craft to art – Bolesławiec ceramics from the Reinhold factory”. The book includes a scientific discussion of relevant issues by Professor Paweł Banasia from the University of Wrocław, a leading collector of and expert on contemporary European ceramics, Johanna Kutschera from the Schlesische Museum in Goerlitz and Anna Bober-Tubaj from the Museum of Ceramics. The catalogue notes were prepared by Tadeusz Orawiec, Anna Puk and Barbara Glinkowska (Museum of Ceramics), Jolanta Sozańska (National Museum in Wrocław), Jadwiga Makota (Museum of Old Trade in Świdnica). The publication, richly illustrated with photographs by Janusz Moniatowicz, was published by the Moniatowicz Foto Studio publishing house from Jelenia Góra.

Award of the Ministry of Culture and Art - Sybilla 1997

In 1998, the Museum of Ceramics was honoured with a distinction in the Competition for the Museum Event of the Year Sybilla 1997 for the exhibition “Martin Opitz and his circle”. The exhibition was prepared to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding German poet and literary theorist, diplomat and historiographer of Ladislaus IV Vasa, King of Poland. Its first part presented the life and work of Opitz with particular emphasis on the poet’s relationships with his hometown – Bolesławiec. The second part was dedicated to several eminent Bolesławiec residents who marked themselves in the history of European culture. These were the most famous Opitz’s students, poets of the first Silesian poetic school, namely Andreas Tscherning, Andreas Scultetus and Christoph Colerus, who made the city earn an honourable title of the “cradle and Eden of Silesian modern poetry”. The other figures presented in the exhibition included humanists Sebastian Alischer and Ephraim Ignazo Naso von Löwenfels, the outstanding Silesian graphic artist David Tscherning and astronomer Christoph Neubarth.

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication “Martin Opitz”, the first title in the Museum’s ‘Boleslaviana’ series.

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