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International promotion

Fujingaho - Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine

In August 2017, Bolesławiec was visited by editors of a prestigious Japanese magazine Fujingaho published for over 100 years by Hearst Corporation in Tokyo. The journalists participated in events of the Bolesławiec Ceramics Festival. They visited the Museum of Ceramics and the Bolesławiec Cultural Centre – International Centre for Ceramics; they were also familiarised with the activities of the Polish Association of Ceramic Communes. They visited six ceramic companies that sell their products on the Japanese market: „Ceramika Artystyczna” Spółdzielnia Rękodzieła Artystycznego, Zakłady Ceramiczne „Bolesławiec”, Fabryka Naczyń Kamionkowych „Manufaktura”, „Galia” Ceramika Użytkowa, Ceramika „Millena” and Ceramika Bolesławiecka „Kalich”. The guests from Japan took part in a special presentation prepared by Janina Bany-Kozłowska, chief designer at the Zakłady Ceramiczne „Bolesławiec”,  and Anna Bober-Tubaj, director of the Museum of Ceramics.

A comprehensive, 18-page article promoting Bolesławiec ceramics appeared in 2018 in the January issue of the monthly. The text offers a lot of information about the city, old-time and contemporary ceramics as well as practical tips on how to get to Bolesławiec. The Japanese emphasize in their text Polish hospitality they highly appreciate and express their positive impression on Polish cuisine. The Museum of Ceramics was a coordinator of the Japanese magazine’s delegation’s stay in Bolesławiec.

Micans Books - Japanese publishing house

In December 2015, Bolesławiec ceramics manufacturers and the Museum of Ceramics were visited by a group of editors from Japan: Ai Otsuka, Shizuko Ohashi, Sakiyo Kajio and Izumi Fujita who took on a task of collecting materials for publication on contemporary Bolesławiec ceramics. At the Museum, after a guided tour of the exhibition, they participated in a presentation of the so-called “Zdobinki” – body-painting performance based on traditional stamp decorations typical of Bolesławiec ceramics. At the Zakłady Ceramiczne “Bolesławiec”, the chief designer Janina Bany-Kozłowska showed them the production line. At the „Ceramika Artystyczna” Spółdzielnia Rękodzieła Artystycznego,  they met with CEO Helena Smoleńska who presented the company’s history. The delegation was also guided around the Fabryka Naczyń Kamionkowych „Manufaktura” by CEO Małgorzata Szewczyk-Smoleńska. The Japanese editors also paid a visit to the Ceramika Artystyczna “Wiza” in Parowa, where they met with the company founder Stanisław Wiza, and the Ceramika “Millena” in Parzyce, where they listened to the company’s history told by the owners: Dariusz Sikorski and Wiesława Seneszyn.

Kersen Inc. - Japanese distributor of Bolesławiec ceramics

Another evidence of international interest in Bolesławiec stoneware was the 2013 visit of a delegation from the Japanese company Kersen Inc. Their aim was to gather materials on ceramics production in the “city of good clay”. The Japanese were guided around the city and several ceramics factories, where they were familiarised with the production technology and the wide range of products. At the Museum of Ceramics, they listened to the history of local pottery, illustrated with exhibits created in Bolesławiec from the 13th to the 20th century. During their stay, the guests from Japan gathered rich documentation that served as material for the publication entitled “Ceramics from Bolesławiec” – the first book devoted entirely to Bolesławiec ceramics on the Japanese market. It met with an enthusiastic reception from readers, getting to the top of the Japanese Amazon bestseller list in its category.

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