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Aktualnosci Bolesławieckie środowisko artystyczne

Bolesławiec artistic community – Wiesława Goryczka

I like change, moving forward and watching the world change, being free from labels, judgements and others' expectations of us. Life is a magical theatre, you can play different roles in it, but the best of them and probably the most difficult is to be yourself.
Wiesława Goryczka

This post from the series “Boleslawiec artistic community” was prepared within the framework of the project “Boleslawiec – 30 years of local government” implemented by the Museum of Ceramics and the Boleslawiec Cultural Center – International Ceramics Center

Wiesława Marianna Goryczka was born in Rzerzęczyce near Częstochowa. From 1978 to 1982 she studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now the University of Arts) in Poznań at the Faculty of Visual Arts Education. She wrote her master’s thesis in art history (Baroque architecture of the palace in Parchów) under the supervision of Dr Jan Skuratowicz, and at her diploma exhibition she presented works in painting and drawing.

For many years she worked as a teacher, first in primary schools, then in secondary schools. In 1973-1983, at the Vocational School Complex in Bolesławiec, she taught drawing and performance techniques in classes with a ceramics decorator profile, vocational drawing at the catering school and clothing technical school, and advertising at a vocational secondary school. From 1983, she ran an art studio at the Youth Cultural Centre in Bolesławiec, at the same time teaching advertising at the Commercial and Service School Complex. Her charges have won numerous awards in international, national, provincial and municipal competitions. They represented our city at the world exhibition Expo 2000 in Hannover (6 prize-winning works in the calendar). In 1977, she received the third degree award from the Minister of Education and Upbringing. In 1988 she obtained the second degree of professional specialisation in teaching visual arts. In the same year she was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit for 20 years of teaching work. Since 2006, she has lived in Koszalin, from where she often travels to Australia for longer stays.

She has always been fascinated by travel, philosophy, art in its broadest sense, nature and people. She is infatuated with Taoism, which considers natural simplicity, effortless action, spontaneity and compassion to be the most important values, while observing and living in harmony with the laws of nature is seen as a way to learn a morality based on modesty, moderation and care.

Wiesława Goryczka works in oil and acrylic painting, drawing, interior design and photography. Her works can be found in private collections in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and in Teacher Training Centres in Jelenia Góra, Legnica, Radom, Rzeszów and Zielona Góra.


1982 Diploma Exhibition, State Higher School of Visual Arts, Poznań

1984 Post-exhibition, BWA, Radom

1985 Post-exhibition, Palace in Pobiedna

1986 Post-exhibition (prints), Piast Castle, Legnica

1986, 1987 Group exhibition, Museum of Military Settlement, Lubań

1987 Post-exhibition, City Hall, Lwówek Śląski

1988 Individual exhibition (second degree of professional specialisation), Piast Castle, Legnica

1989 Post-exhibition, Biecz

1990, 1991 Post-exhibition, Wojcieszów

1994 Group exhibition, Europa Haus, Bad Marienberg (Germany)

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001  Post-exhibition (ODN Zielona Góra), Palace in Przytok

1999 Individual exhibition, Palace of Culture, Żagań

1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 “Autumn Meetings with Colour”, group exhibition, Second Secondary School, Bolesławiec

2005 Individual exhibition, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

2020 “Artists of the Boleslawiec Area”, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

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