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Aktualnosci Bolesławieckie środowisko artystyczne

Bolesławiec artistic community – Joanna Mysłek-Michnowska

"I definitely prefer intuitive art, the kind from the heart, full of emotion, not calculated for commercial success and profit. For me, art can have many different dimensions, it can educate, observe, frighten, please, sadden, the important thing is that it moves us, that we stop and think."
Joanna Mysłek-Michnowska
The world constantly surprises me - a conversation with Joanna Mysłek-Michnowska, Katarzyna Żak, "Rocznik Bolesławiecki 2012"

This post from the series “Bolesławiec artistic community” was prepared within the framework of the project “Bolesławiec – 30 years of local government” carried out by the Museum of Ceramics and the Bolesławiec Cultural Centre – International Ceramics Centre.

Joanna Mysłek-Michnowska was born in Końskie. She studied at the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts) in Wrocław. She obtained a diploma in artistic ceramics design in the studio of Prof. Irena Lipska-Zworska and in industrial ceramics design in the studio of Lidia Kupczyńska-Jankowiak. For over 20 years, she has been running her own ceramic studio at the St. Wyspianski Youth Cultural Centre in Bolesławiec, as well as drawing and painting classes for children, young people and adults. For many years, she worked concurrently as a teacher at the District Complex of Special Schools and Institutions in Bolesławiec. As she says, she is not so much a teacher and guide for her pupils as simply a companion on their artistic journey – a good spirit who helps them overcome various difficulties, encourages them to take the next steps, points out new directions and perspectives.

She works in ceramics, drawing and painting. Artistically, she fulfils herself by working primarily in ceramic material, but also draws and paints, among other mandalas.

For her teaching activities, based on the cultivation of local ceramic traditions, she was awarded in 2005. Award of the Mayor of Bolesławiec for promoting the city in the field of culture.


1990, 1991, 1994 „Ceramics of the Young”, Wrocław

1994 Postgraduate Exhibition, Museum of Medal-Making, Wrocław; Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

2004 „Beyond that…”, exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the MDK Bolesławiec, Bolesławiec

2009 „Artists of the Bolesławiec Area”, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

2015 „20 years of the ceramic studio of the Youth Cultural Centre in Boleslawiec”, Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec, Boleslawiec

2018 „Pole – Artist – Ceramist”, Town Hall, Bolesławiec

2019 „Three Women – Three Matter”, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

2020 „Artists of the Bolesławiec area”, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

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