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Aktualnosci Bolesławieckie środowisko artystyczne

Bolesławiec artistic community – Janina Jadwiga Sarzyńska

"My work is a reflection of my explorations, experiences and transformations. It is an encrypted code, a diary of geometric or organic signs illustrating these processes."
Janina J. Sarzyńska

This post from the series “Bolesławiec artistic community” was prepared within the framework of the project “Bolesławiec – 30 years of local government” carried out by the Museum of Ceramics and the Bolesławiec Cultural Centre – International Ceramics Centre.

Janina Jadwiga Sarzyńska was born in Osła and has lived and worked in Bolesławiec since her school years. In 2001, she graduated from the Faculty of Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts (now the University of Arts) in Poznań. Her studies allowed her to explore theoretical issues in contemporary art in the area of geometric abstraction and concrete art and inspired her to think about important values not only in visual arts, but also in music, poetry and philosophy. She included her conclusions in her master’s thesis “Geometry of Abstraction. Introduction to the work of Gerard Jürgen Blum-Kwiatkowski’, whose supervisor was Professor Roman Kubicki. At the Faculty of Art Education, she also simultaneously studied, among other things, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, printmaking and interdisciplinary activities. She obtained her artistic diploma in the sculpture studio of Prof. Kazimierz Raby, presenting a sculptural-photographic series “Peeping at the Grey”.

She works in sculpture, painting and photography and, from 2019, also in film. In her work, different disciplines merge and intermingle; sculpture inspires photographic and graphic activities, and photographs of the natural world inspire watercolour painting. All these disciplines make up the space of her artistic explorations, experiences, records of abstract signs, codes, from their geometric forms to their organic suppleness.

She has presented her work in exhibitions at home and abroad (Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania). In 2005 and 2006 she took part in the International Ceramic and Sculpture Plein-Air in Bolesławiec. She is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Wrocław District.

Since 2002 she has dealt with pedagogical work. In the years 2002-2007 she worked in secondary schools in Bolesławiec as a teacher of art subjects. She creates original educational programmes, which she also implements with young people in school extracurricular activities.

In 2008, she completed postgraduate studies at the University of Wrocław in cultural studies, broadening her pedagogical competences to include issues of cultural theory, musicology, theatre studies and film studies. In 2007-2009, she cooperated with the Lower Silesian Teacher Training Centre in Wrocław and the Teacher Training Centre in Jelenia Góra as a lecturer of courses on art and art therapy workshops. In the course of this cooperation, she prepared and published original didactic programmes for teachers, which she presented at workshops, scientific conferences and as part of the Interreg III A programme Saxony – Lower Silesia. She has also produced a series of original multimedia and interdisciplinary lectures on art and culture entitled “Encounters with Art”.

You can find out more about the work of Janina Jadwiga Sarzyńska on her website.

We invite you to watch a video with the artist’s participation prepared by the editors of the portal istotne.pl as part of the series “Beyond the everyday”.istotne.pl.


2007 Scholarship of the Board of the Lower Silesian Voivodship

2008 Distinction in the National Photo Contest “Dialogue – Till I Feel, Understand and See. Christianity-Judaism-Islam”.

2010 Award of the Mayor of Bolesławiec for promotion of the city in the field of culture


2001 Photography – 37th International Ceramic and Sculpture Plein-air in Bolesławiec, BOK Gallery, Bolesławiec

Diploma, Sculpture/photography. Rotunda Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznań

Sculpture/photography, BOK Gallery, Bolesławiec

2002 Sculpture/photography. MDK Gallery, Zgorzelec

2004 Sculpture/photography. Gallery “U prstenu”, Prague (Czech Republic)

2005 Sculpture/photography/painting, Jacob Böhme House, Zgorzelec

2006 „Rozmowy traw”, painting, Gallery “Format”, Municipal Public Library, Bolesławiec

„Rozmowy w podróży”, painting/photography, Gallery “N”, Jelenia Góra

2007 „Back to Conversations on the Move”, Lower Silesian Centre for Teachers’ Improvement, Wrocław

„Back to Conversation Travel”, ceramic sculpture/photography, Gallery “N”, Jelenia Gora

2008 „Day and Night”, sculpture/photography, Neris Neris Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

„Day and Night”, sculpture/photography, Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw (Poland)

2012 „She & Her”, ceramic painting/sculpture, M. Twerda Gallery, II LO, Bolesławiec

2013 „She & She. On the Road”, painting/sculpture/photography, 55th anniversary of GOKiS Gromadka, Hall of Mirrors, GOKiS, Gromadka

2014 „My life story”, sculpture/photography/painting, 10th KUNST:offen in Sachsen, Gallery Neun Görlitz, Görlitz (Germany)


1996 Exhibition of graduates on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the First Secondary School in Bolesławiec, BOK, Bolesławiec

1998 „Presentations’98”, painting/sculpture, MDK Gallery, Zgorzelec

2003 „Contemporary Design of the Handicraft Cooperative “Ceramika Artystyczna” in Bolesławiec”, Museum of Ceramics in Bolesławiec, Bolesławiec

2005 Photography, exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the “Nowy Ląd” mine in Niwnice, Town Hall, Lwówek Śląski

2005-2006 Post-exhibition of the 41st International Ceramic and Sculpture Plein-air in Bolesławiec, BOK Gallery, Bolesławiec; Town Hall – City Gallery, Wrocław

2006 „Does Art Have a Gender?”, sculpture/graphic, BOK Gallery, Bolesławiec

2006-2008 Post-Plenary Exhibition of the 42nd International Ceramic and Sculpture Plein-Air, Museum of Ceramics in Bolesławiec, Bolesławiec; MDK Gallery, Zgorzelec; Arsenal City Museum, Wrocław; Česká Lipa (Czech Republic); Museum of Technology, Warsaw

2008 Exhibition of the National Photo Contest “Dialog – Till I Feel, Understand, See. Christianity-Judaism-Islam”, Stary Browar – Słodownia, Poznań

2009 „Artists of the Bolesławiec Area”, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

2010 Exhibition of the Faculty of Art Education at the University of Arts in Poznań accompanying the International Scientific Conference “Subject. Art | Therapy | Education”, UAM Gallery, Poznań; organisers: Faculty of Health Sciences of the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznań, Faculty of Art Education of the University of Arts in Poznań, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

2011 „Combined transaction’, exhibition accompanying the conference as part of the presentation of the Faculty of Art Education of the University of Arts in Poznań, Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław

2016 „Lower Silesia in the Making”, Lower Silesian Centre of Photography Domek Romański, Wrocław.

Participation in the presentation of Lower Silesian artists and their work as part of the artistic and research programme Silesia Art Biennale 2016 and European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, OKiS, Wrocław.

2017 „Lower Silesia in the making”, Ring Gallery, Legnica; OKiS; Wrocław.

„In search of art, science, passion – graduates of the I Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Bolesławiec, 1946-2016″, State Archive in Wrocław Branch in Bolesławiec

2018 „And we after the ECC… Expression, Structure, Colour”, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław; ZPAP Wrocław

2020 „Artists of the Bolesławiec area”, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec

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